A nice surprise mention!

Josh has been doing stand-up all around town, and it looks like one of the rooms he performed in dug him enough to link to him in their article. What’s better than a name drop? A link to one’s Instagram of course!

Check it out here!

Josh & Lindy sit down for “Theatre Unleashed Podcast”

Josh and Lindy Voeltner, his co-writer/co-star in “Dating: Adults Embracing Failure,” shot over to Sherman Oaks to talk about Pixar, Hollywood Fringe, and Patton Oswalt in the most recent episode of the “Theatre Unleashed Podcast.”

Check it out here!

Chicago Tribune: Josh is a “sharp physical comedian”

Check out what the Chicago Tribune had to say about Josh and Lindy Voeltner’s self-written two person show “Adults Embracing Failure” recently:

Presented in traditional bare-bones Chicago style — director Andy Eninger gives a nod to all the signposts: bentwood chairs, well-dressed performers, blackouts between scenes — the show isn’t breathtakingly unique (really, who has anything new to say about relationships?) so much as well-observed and smartly executed. Lanzet and Voeltner are both sharp physical comedians, but they’re also digging for honesty. And the show is fun.

Dead Curious: Josh is a “prototypical modern Renaissance man”

The online magazine Dead Curious interviewed Josh recently and had this to say:

Josh Lanzet, a native New Yorker, is your prototypical modern Renaissance man – blessed with excellent comedic timing, acerbic wit, a strong singing voice (and absolutely no sense of shame), his self-deprecating demeanour tries to downplay immense potential.

Check out the full interview for more.